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Trap Mix 2016

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-TrapMix2016.mp3

Space Taxi 2016

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-Space-Taxi-2016.mp3

Grand Theft Radio 2016

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-GrandTheftRadio2016.mp3

Trap Queens 2016

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-TrapQueens2016.mp3

Burnt Brulee - Burning Man 2015

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-BurntBrulee2015.mp3

That Sweet, That Funk, That Jazzy Stuff

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-ThatSweetThatFunkThatJazzyStuff.mp3

Earthdance 2014

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-Earthdance2014.mp3

The Epic Of Soul

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-TheEpicOfSoul.mp3

Smooth'n Creamy, Snazzy Jazzy Breakbeats

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-SmoothnCreamy_SnazzyJazzy.mp3

Funky Chunky, Itchy Glitchy, Hip-Hop Mix

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-FunkyChunkyItchyGlitchyHipHop.mp3

Booty Shak'n B-boy Break'n 2014

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-BboyBreaks2014.mp3

DrSKooT's 2010 Demo CD

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-DemoCD2010.mp3

R&B Mix 2011

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-RnBMix2011.mp3

Electronic Mix 2011

  - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-ElectronicMix2011.mp3

Spring Mix 2011

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-SpringMix2011.mp3

Trunk Bump'n Gangsta Beats 2010

 - drskoot.com/music/mixes/DrSKooT-TrunkBumpn2010.mp3


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